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B/W Single Sketch Commission
Random Cartoon Character Doodles by kompy
Naughty lil Doe by kompy
Tanuki's Ribbon by kompy
Tigress meets Lion by kompy
Bonding with locks - lineart by kompy
((Note: Paypal STILL HIGHLY PREFERRED, but I'll allow points if there's no other choice))

Extra characters (3 characters max) - include 800pts (or $10) for every additional character.

To be done within a month's time or sooner, depending on time/mood/circumstances.

Payment comes first. Client is allowed to one free minor revision, anything more will include a fee.

For inquiries about what I will/will not draw, feel free to note me.   
Flat Color Single Character Commission
[Gift] Well Wishes To A Fan by kompy Saaki the Tengu by kompy Happy Tentare Easter by kompy Blancho and Friends by kompy Graffiti Rabbit by kompy
((Note: Paypal STILL HIGHLY PREFERRED, but I'll allow points if there's no other choice))

New  Terms of Service New

Extra characters (3 characters max) - include 800pts (or $10) for every additional character.

To be done within a month's time or sooner, depending on time/mood/circumstances.

Payment comes first. Client is allowed to one free minor revision, anything more will include a fee.

For inquiries about what I will/will not draw, feel free to note me.

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"Now, now, don't be shy, everyone. There's enough MAGNIFICENCE to go around!"

Character Application

Asks will either be answered in the comments or drawned and most likely posted to my (to be linked to later). Anyone may ask questions, but only people in PKMN-KA can get a chance to get drawn replies, and only if I have the time for it/the question is interesting enough.

Things to keep in mind:

Ring PLEASE keep your questions Safe For Work. PLEASE.

Ring  He's a Hoopa (Confined). His typing is Psychic/Ghost (in this forme, at least).

Ring Firuz's species, while known, is extremely rare to see outside his country, with little of their history and culture shared with outsiders save for a few old folktales and legends. While your character may ICly be familiar with his species or even the terrible stories regarding Unleashed Hoopa, seeing the former in person is very uncommon and the latter has not been seen in the wild in over a century.

Ring Do be careful about asking Firuz about his Unleashed forme, for he DOES NOT have access to a Prison Bottle witand was, in fact, sent to the school partially as punishment for him carelessly playing with one of these. As this factoid is not known to anyone at the moment (with the exception of eiviiaru's Thamina to a point), be careful when having your character ask about this, as talk of Unleashed formes will upset him greatly.

Ring Firuz is royalty (the equivalent of a prince in his country). The bling is real, baby.

Ring He really, really, really likes rings and ring-shaped things. Offering rings (which may be ring-shaped or bracelet-shaped) is his way of showing affection to people he finds very attractive regardless of gender. Getting ring-shaped things as gifts in return is a good way to get on his good side.

Ring He's technically Genderless, but refers to himself as male.

Ring He likes Thamina. She is fun to tease. You are not allowed to tease her yourself, though :(

Ring He's very vain and greedy and very much a jerk to people who doesn't like for whatever reason. Please don't be OOCly offended if your character ends up being one of these, I assure you that his opinions will not reflect my own.

Ring Yes, those rings of his work like portals but please, PLEASE, keep your Portal refs and jokes to a bare minimum, as the character has no  way ICly know what that is and, dangit, you can be more creative then that >:/

That should do it for now.

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Cheap Commish March! Three options to choose from! (OPEN ALL MONTH) :bulletwhite:

Money is kind of tight this month hence why I'm offering these. Not gonna say 'emergency commissions' because, really, I'll live in the long run? I have a home and friends and family that love me, so I'm way more blessed than most. But at the same time, I do not deny that money issues seem to be the root of 99.9% of my stress issues as of late and, well, it'd be a huge help for while I'm job hunting in the meantime. Even making 100 bucks this month would be a nice goal to have. But I'm not gonna beg for it, either.

For the record, yes, I AM planning on making a Patreon in the future, but it's still in the works, as ideally I'd want to see what my would-be job schedule will be like before I go with that. So until then, I give you -- Cheap Commish March!

Quick rules for these:

- Paypal only (NO POINTS). I use invoices.

- Usual Terms of Service rules apply. For the ToS, read here.

-If interested in a commission, send an email to kompycommish at gmail dot com (NOT my paypal addy, by the way) with your offer choice number and the assigned forms included as well as a visual ref of some kind for #2 and #3. Questions/comments can be answered on this journal (and of course, if you can't participate, feel free to signal boost :) )

- Note that while I'll be accepting works for Cheap Commish Month all month long, I'll have exactly ONE slot for a regular commission that doesn't fall under the same categories. Feel free to email me to inquire about these.  

-These will all be drawn and, hopefully, finished during the month of March. No slots for the time being and you may ask for multiple images.

-TWO CHARACTERS MAXIMUM per image, with the second character being $10 more. Can be a couple, #1 and #2 can be combined, #3 can include two characters, whatever! For other combinations, email me so we can discuss how that payment would go.    

-Props or backrounds will be at my own discretion, depending on the prompts.  

- WIPs will only be offered if requested. NO REVISIONS ALLOWED FOR offer #1(Create-a-Character), though minor revisions are accepted to a point on #2 and #3, such as color correction. Anything that requires a complete redraw will have an additional fee added depending on the complexity.

And now for the offers:

Cheap Commission Offer #1:  Create-a-Character 

B/W Lineart ($13), Flat Color ($21)

For these, I create a character for you to either keep for yourself or trade/resell for half-off as an adoptable using the following form:

Species: Pick three types of creatures to choose from. I'll pick either one of them or, if requested, a fusion of two of them or all three of them. Pokemon allowed, as are other famous kinds of creatures.
Type: Anthro, Feral or Monstrous
Colors: Pick three
Gender: Whichever you prefer, or just let me decide
Details: Three words OR two words and a phrase of your choice.

Cheap Commission Offer #2: Dress-My-Character

B/W Lineart ($16), Flat Color ($26)

Exactly what it says on the tin -- I design a new outfit for your character (note I'm best drawing more simplistic, modern clothes than fantasy/futuristic ones, though feel free to ask for these so long as you don't mind it being a bit on the simplistic side. Extra $10 will be charged for complicated armor of any kind).

For these, you have two options: either you give me a photo or drawing reference of what you want drawn on your character OR you let me design a outfit of your choice using the following form (no other written references will be accepted, sorry):

Style: Pick a clothes style (ex. "business suit", "swimwear", "circus performer" "sleepwear", etc.) Note that while I'm willing to accept certain NSFW outfits, depending on what I get asked for, I might charge an additional $10 if it's something I'm not 100% comfortable with (obviously if it's too uncomfortable, I'll not draw it at all). Minors drawn in this style are right out for reasons I shouldn't have to explain.  
Color: Pick three
Details: Three words OR two words and a phrase of your choice.

Cheap Commission Offer #3:  Palette challenge REDUX

All $15

Yup, doing this again, only this time I'll be giving you a biiit more freedom with the color choices, somewhat. To participate in this, you MUST give me a 4 to 6-color palette sheet for me to work off. For links on places where you can find pre-made ones or generate your own, use the following:…

And that should do it. Let's hope this works!


Journal "skin" by :iconuszatyarbuz:
  • Mood: Artistic
Urban Love - Krowe the Krokorok by kompy
Urban Love - Krowe the Krokorok
Commission for dark-chaos of their character...who just a last name for now, Krowe. He is a Krokorok.

Last of the Urban Love commissions!

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